Servicing & Repairs

Here at Chatswood Auto Repairs we offer a comprehensive range of service options for all vehicle makes and models.

We're committed to being transparent about what we do, that means our qualified mechanics will explain exactly what they've learned about your car, so you've got the information to decide what you want to do from there.

  • 40 Point Safety Check

  • Our comprehensive 40-point safety helps us explain any issues we find with your car so you can understand our recommendations.

  • Log Book Service

  • A log book service is great for owners of new vehicles and those covered by a new car manufacturer's warranty.

  • Essential Service

  • An essential service is also known as a 'minor' or 'interim' service that you may do between or outside of a log book service.

  • Major Service

  • A major car service is recommended when you feel your car needs a little bit more attention e.g. before, or off the back of a long driving trip.

  • Vehicle Inspection

  • A vehicle inspection gives you a detailed report on the condition of almost every mechanical aspect of your car- inside and out.

  • Fleet Servicing

  • We services fleets of all sizes- from cars and vans to light commercial.

  • 24Hr Car Drop Off & Pick-up

  • We have after hours drop off & pick-up facilities 24/7 so you can leave your car or pick it up if outside our normal trading hours - call us for details.

  • Free Loan Car*

  • We offer free* loan cars - ask us when you make a booking.
    *You just pay for fuel and all loan cars are subject to availability.