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We are AN NRMA Approved REPAIRER in Chatswood. The Chatswood Auto Repairs Team has 30 years expertise servicing, aligning, balancing, repairing and fitting new tyres for Local, Imported & European cars. 

Our complete vehicle care team of mechanics, auto electricians, transmission, tyre and exhaust specialist use the latest scanning, electronic alignment technology to test and identify if your tyres need to be repaired or replaced. We have extensive experience repairing, servicing and fitting the right tyres for all makes and models including Holden, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, Lexus, Porsche, Peugeot, Saab, Jaguar, VW, Fiat, Citroen. 

If you are concerned about your vehicle’s safety, performance and fuel economy and your car isn’t performing the way it should then this could be a major warning sign so let the Chatswood Auto Repairs team’s tyre specialist check it out to give you peace of mind.


Tyre Service, Repair & Replacement

It is critical to the safety and performance of your car that you service your car and have your tyres checked, rotated and balanced regularly as you can’t always see worn or flat spots that affect your steering and your safety.

Chatswood Auto Repairs Customers Share Their Experience

The Chatswood Auto Repairs team is proud to have helped thousands of people and businesses in the Chatswood area keep their vehicles safe and performing the way should for the last 30 Years. our priority is to continue to deliver high quality affordable reliable car servicing, registration & safety checks mechanical, auto electrical, transmission, exhaust servicing, repair & replacement providing our valued clients with the best service in Chatswood.



CAR provides servicing and repairs to NEW vehicles – maintaining the manufacturers warranty

New Vehicle service and repairs with CAR can save you hundreds of dollars when compared with dealer prices

We generally save our customers Up To 25% on the price you would have to pay if you get the work done by a dealer!

Common Tyre problems


If your tyre is worn more on one side than the other, it may be misaligned. A misaligned tyre should be refitted or replaced depending on the severity of the wear, as it can reduce your tyres traction and grip on the roads if not fitted correctly.

Wear and tear

General wear and tear will happen with all tyres as they are used over time, but it’s important to monitor your tyres’ tread depth in order to ensure it is within the legal limit. If the tread depth is below 1.6mm, you cannot legally drive on the roads and must have your tyres replaced. It is worth noting, however, that this level of wear is the absolute minimum, and replacing your tyres before they reach this level will ensure your tyres are safer to be driven on the roads without sacrificing performance and grip.

Cracking and bulging

Cracks and bulges can appear in your tyres from hitting a pothole or curb, the impact of which can cause cracks in the sidewall of the tyres. If your tyres are under or over inflated, this problem is more likely to occur, and can only be fixed by replacing the tyres altogether.

Over and under inflation

Tyres that are incorrectly inflated – either by being under or over inflated – can cause significant damage to your tyres ability to perform safely on the roads. If your tyres are underinflated, it can cause tyre damage, excessive wear of the tyre, and overheating, whilst over inflated tyres reduce their grip on the road and your tyre’s overall lifespan. You can monitor your tyre’s air pressure yourself, and inflate or deflate your tyres accordingly.

24Hr Car Drop Off & Pick-up (key drop)

For that extra flexibility, your vehicle may be dropped off and/or picked up 24/7 via a secure key drop facility.

Chatswood Auto Repairs is 1 km from Chatswood Train Station - Just a short walk from Chatswood station and shops

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Free Loan Car*

We offer free* loan cars – ask us when you make a booking. *You just pay for fuel and all loan cars are subject to availability.